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Have a look at some of the activities that  have been organised to celebrate World Savings Day 2018.

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Learning how to save: the start of

Financial Education

CECA, in line with its commitment to spread financial education across Spain, has celebrated World Savings Day 2018 with the IX Conference on Financial Education in Madrid on October 31st. The conference was titled "La enseñanza del ahorro, origen de la Educación Financiera" (Learning how to save: the start of Financial Education) and has also featured a virtual exhibition that you can discover here. The conference was sponsored by the FUNCAS Stimulating Financial Education Programme and the Red Española de Educación Financiera. 

Finally, CECA  has been incredibly active on social media as well: it took part in WSBI's 2018 Campaign "What Do You Wish For?" and shared on Twitter the dreams that CECA's team members were saving for.


World Savings Day

Kick-off celebrations

"Hopes and dreams come alive through savings" 


This year WSBI organised a kick-off event at their premises in Brussels. On this occasion, WSBI invited TedEx featured speaker Natalie Torres-Haddad, financial education diva and author of an award-winning financial literacy book. After a special message by Bomolemo Selaledi, Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs at Botswana Savings Bank, a panel discussion took place. WSBI welcomed Emmanuele Ciriolo, Behavioural Economist at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and Aleksandra Maczynska,  Executive Director at Better Finance. They both shared their insights on the need for financial education together with Sebastian Stodulka,  Head of Regulatory Affairs at ESBG and Chris De Noose, Managing Director of WSBI and ESBG.

Caisse de dépôt

et gestion &

Al Barid Bank

The Caisse de dépôt et gestion and Al Barid Bank have teamed up this year to celebrate World Savings Day by hosting a conference entitled "SAVINGS, A BUILDING BLOCK FOR THE FUTURE" that was held on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, in Rabat.


The theme of the conference highlighted the ever so important role of savings when it comes to developing tools to combat the social risks to which populations are exposed. Savings also play a major role in today's context where financing the national economy presents a structural imbalance between domestic savings and investment financing needs.


This conference, featuring a panel of national and international experts, was structured around two roundtables:

1) Looking back at 60 years of mobilising savings for Morocco's development,

2) Mobilising savings - International review of innovative solutions


L@Red de la Gente

In this 15th edition of the National Convention, L@Red de la Gente has invited over 500 guests, including more than 160 representatives of the Savings sector. During the event, which took place from 30 September to 3 October in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, several conferences, panels of experts and roundtables have been organised. 


One of the main aims of the event was to highlight the important role that savings actors play in the social and economic development of regional communities, migrant families and financial inclusion. 


Finally, L@Red de la Gente took part in WSBI's 2018 Campaign "What Do You Wish For?" by inviting people to share the dream they are saving for.



The 94th edition of the World Savings Day has been celebrated on 31 October 2018 in the Eternal City with an event entitled "The Ethics of Savings and Development". Joining ACRI at the event will be Giuseppe Guzzetti, President of ACRI; Antonio Patuelli, President of ABI; Ignazio Visco, Governor of the Bank of Italy; Giovanni Tria, Italian Minister of Economy and Finance. Learn more about ACRI's event here



The Postbank Kenya team went to the CAPYEI Mazeras centre in an effort to create awareness on the noble culture of savings. 


Postbank Kenya also took part in WSBI's 2018 Campaign "What Do You Wish For?" by inviting people to share the dream they are saving for. One example?  The Real-Ladies MChama Group bought one-acre land converting 20% of their annual savings into productive investments.

Aflatoun International

Aflatoun International provides social and financial education to children and young people. They have taken part in this year's WSBI Campaign "What Do You Wish For?" by sharing their own hopes and dreams. 

Furthermore, Fundación CFA kicked off savings month with lots of colour, financial learning and joy by incorporating practical saving activities including savings clubs and community activities in Colombia.



Postbank Uganda took part in WSBI's 2018 Campaign "What Do You Wish For?" by inviting their audience to share the dreams they are saving for

Furthermore, in order to celebrate World Savings Day,  PostBank also organised a free financial literacy training sessions at City Square to spread the importance of saving. 


Savings Bank

Botswana Savings Bank has organised not only some internal activities to commemorate World Savings Day 2018, like the "2018 Savings Pledges" initiative, but it has also celebrated the event with a dedicated parade and other activities  to engage with people who save everyday.  

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