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A look at some of the efforts by WSBI members for World Savings Day 2016 and 2017.



Traditionally JSCB "Belarusbank" supported the celebration of World Savings Day. During the celebration of thrift, a virtual book exhibition was placed on the bank's website as well as 600 financial literacy events with some 20,000 people taking part. Those events included seminars, presentations, games, quests, competitions, open lessons, open days and financial lessons.

In addition, 300 events were held for children and youth, with more than 7,000 participants. For nine months of 2017 Belarusbank employees carried out more than 6,000 various events with participation of about 280,000 people, including 90,000 children and youth.


World Savings Day

Kick-off celebrations

Financial education done by banks, NGOs, authorities A panel discussion followed on financial inclusion and financial education by banks, banking authorities and non-profit bodies around the world. CYFI Managing Director Wessel Van Kampen and Jean-Paul Servais , Chairman of the Belgian Financial Services and Markets shared their thoughts on financial education.

WSBI Director Ian Radcliffe presented from the association’s lens, including efforts by its members to contribute to the World Bank’s Universal Financial Access 2020 strategic goal. World Savings Day has been celebrated for more than 90 years by WSBI and its members. Member banks taking part include Germany, Austria, Italy, Botswana, the Dominican Republic and Thailand to name a few. The event also marked a moment to explore the current low interest rates, which are an untimely blow to savers as low rates penalize thrift, especially in developed countries.


Savings Banks Group of Finland  

The group published its annual Savings survey and many stories covering how people save and invest. They explored how people plan to build up their net worth and to tackle any adverse events in their personal finances. Social media efforts was a platform for sharing data and visuals.

They share their story with Finnish media throughout the country. The Finnish Savings Banks also had during the day and the rest of the week promotion activities in different parts of the country, including local press meetings, events and other promotion activities. 


German Savings Bank Association (DSGV)

A series of activities took place in Germany around world savings day. The much-anticipated Vermögensbarometer is released each year, a barometer about German citizens’ attitudes on personal finance. 



The 92nd edition of the World Savings Day was celebrated on 21 October 2016 in the Eternal City under the patronage of the Italian president. They used the theme “the culture of savings for growth.” Joining ACRI at the event was Minister of Economy and Finance Pier Carlo Padoan, Bank of Italy Governor Ignazio Visco, and ABI President Antonio Patuelli.


SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge

Branches collected children’s’ savings all week. They presented different shows, films and other entertainment. All children received a gift for their saving.

Helgeland Sparebank

Inviting children to open night at our branches for special activities and refreshment. Theme of the day – Savings for children. 


Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS)

Using the 2016 global theme "Grabbing hold of your financial future, National Savings leveraged its more than 375 branches to reach out to citizens, which includes its seven million customers. They published a newspaper supplement for use in major print publications such as newspapers to raise awareness of and promote savings. WSBI Managing Director also wrote a piece for the supplement, joining the feature column by National Savings Director General Zafar Masud. 

The bank also harnessed electronic media, digital and social media, seminars and a formal ceremony with a representation of top government officials, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), banks, PTET, USAID, KARANDAAZ, telecoms companies, employees and investors. An essay competition on this years’ theme gave youth a chance to express in their own words the importance of saving habits. Within the National Savings, a day-and-night cricket tournament was held with 15 teams of different regions of CDNS from all over Pakistan was also arranged in Islamabad.


WSBI Regional Meeting

A closing ceremony on the second day of the WSBI GRULAC in 2016 highlighted the World Savings Day. Remarks by Chris De Noose were followed by a presentation of the recently released Inter-American Development Bank Report: “Savings for development: How Latin America and the Caribbean can save more and better?” Development in the Americas (DIA) 2016 by IDB Lead Economist Eduardo Cavallo, who helped author the publication.



Financial Education Day is celebrated the first Monday of October. This initiative is backed by central bank Banco de España and the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) with the support of numerous other institutions. in 2016, CECA coordinated the activities of its members across the country. In addition, CECA launched a new version of “Red Española de Educación Financiera” , a financial education network and a radio programme, in collaboration with  FUNCAS and the Spain's national public radio broadcaster (RNE),  “Finanzas para todos los públicos”, where savings/financial education concepts were featured. 

On the day, CECA had an exhibition of historical photographs and posters made for the World Savings Day celebration in CECA from the 1960s to the 1990s. The exhibition was shown in CECA’s Fondo Historico website. Among other activities, they promoted the Saving Hymn of 1935, sharing its history, sheet music and lyrics. Savings stories and comics were uploaded onto the website “Red Española de Educación Financiera”. CECA and FUNCAS, in collaboration with RNE, the Spanish national broadcast, scheduled a radio programme called “Finanzas para todos los públicose” on savings. CECA also held its VII Financial Education Conference at its headquarters in November. 


Savings and Social Development Bank (SSDB)

Celebrations took part in many forms during the day. A big focus was on small and medium-sized businesses who benefited from financing from SSDB, including via micro finance. Businesses representing many different manufacturing goods were on display at a special exhibition, including those producing peanut oil, honey, leather goods, traffic signs, car hubcaps and textiles. Kids played a big role in celebrations and branches.

The arts were also represented, as school pupils were introduced an SSDB opera. A traditional musical group called Kyta played at the inauguration of the World Savings Day event. Government officials attend events and were welcomed by SSDB officials, including General Manager. SSDG General Manager Alzain Al-hado and the Acting Governor of Gezira State inaugurated one of the SSDB Mobile Bank Units to serve the area.


Government Savings Bank

GSB kicked off National Savings Day in 2016 with an opening ceremony by its president and CEO Chatchai Payuhanaveechai. The ceremony was focused His Majesty the King’s speech on sustainable savings and to honour and show gratitude towards King Rama VI and King Rama IX. 

GSB also organized activities to promote savings by presenting for each customer a savings box that commemorates His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 70 years on the throne. At any GSB branch, customers who made a deposit of 200 Baht or opened a savings account with the same amount received the box. In addition, GSB hosted the exhibition “The King the saver…to sustainable savings” and presented awards for savings and financial discipline at an event at GSB Head Office in Bangkok.

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